Equal Opportunity Policy



Dirty Protest Theatre believes that no one should be excluded from being part of our theatre (on stage, behind the scenes and in our audiences) and that everyone deserves to have a high quality experience with us in every sense. Dirty Protest Theatre will take action to ensure that everyone engaging with us is treated equally and their experience maximised, regardless of age, gender, health, sexuality, class, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion, or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work with, or volunteer to help with, or participate in an event run by Dirty Protest Theatre should have an equal chance to do so.

We recognise discrimination as being a process of acting unfairly against an individual or group by exclusion, verbal comment, denigration, failure to appreciate needs or the assumption of such needs without consultation.

Dirty Protest knows that the value of an Equal Opportunities Policy lies not just in its existence, but its intention and delivery.

Dirty Protest Theatre’s Equal Opportunities Policy complies with current legislation and seeks to implement best practice.



Our theatre performances are open to as wide a section of the community as possible. We want to recognise and show (on and off stage) the diversity of Wales and the wider world. Due to the content of some of our performances, and the choice of locations that engage with as wide a section of the community as possible, there is sometimes an age restriction; however, we work to balance this with creating work for different age groups.

When staging performances, we look for venues which are accessible and work to ensure, when we can, that we offer performances which are signed and audio described.

We hold open auditions and employ our Equal Opportunities Policy when looking for writers, actors, directors, other collaborators and staff.



Dirty Protest Theatre will always work with the best person for each job and will treat all applicants fairly.

No applicant will be rejected on grounds that contravene the our Equal Opportunities Policy.

We will advertise our employment opportunities online through on social media and through various arts organisations.

We have a number of ways for people to approach us about employment / volunteering / involvement in the future. These include our social media platforms, email and also open 'real-life' socials which we hold after our events. We make it clear that we are always open to all people approaching us.


Complaints Procedure

We are committed to learning and changing to ensure this Policy is upheld. We work closely with everyone involved in Dirty Protest to ensure everyone knows our Equal Opportunities Policy via contracts, email and also clearly display it on our website. Everyone engaging with Dirty Protest in any way is responsible for their own compliance.

Any person who feels that this policy has not been upheld can make a complaint. This will be dealt with by the Committee members. The Committee will investigate the complaint, listening to all people affected or involved. If the complaint is against a particular individual, this person will have the opportunity to express their point of view, accompanied by a friend or representative. The person making the complaint will also have this opportunity.

If a person feels they are being harassed or treated unequally while working for Dirty Protest, we ask them to express their concerns (through meeting or electronic form) to the Committee members who will deal with the issue immediately. This will involve talking to all parties involved and coming to a resolution that is agreeable to all. Information about our complaints procedure is outlined in our contracts.

Any decision to exclude a person from the group due to discriminatory or harassing behaviour will be made in reference to Dirty Protest Theatre’s constitution.

Dirty Protest Theatre will support people who feel they have been harassed or discriminated against, and will not victimise or treat them less well because they have raised concerns or made a complaint.


Monitoring and Review of the Policy

Dirty Protest Theatre will monitor the Equal Opportunities Policy against every project and review the Policy at every AGM.

This Policy was reviewed on 22/03/2018